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Popular messaging platforms were not designed for enterprises. By agreeing to their terms and conditions, you could be giving away your organisations most valuable data. DYRNAN offers security on your terms with the control, administration and reliability your business needs. And critically, your data, relationships, and communications remain yours. Read more

Controlling business data is becoming more difficult as the demand for mobility, productivity and access grows. It’s a huge challenge for those responsible for the security and integrity of corporate information. There are very few unified, accredited and auditable tools for organisation-wide communications. Securing board or IT authorisation for managed apps is often seen as a barrier, so social media inspired tools are being brought into the workplace without the appropriate controls. Plus, the rapid evolution of smart devices, often pre-configured with “secure” cloud-based storage and backup services, makes it easier than ever for individuals to act independently.

At DYRNAN we have integrated ‘best of breed’ secure messaging, file transfer and voice calling into one platform. An instantly familiar user interface makes adoption fast and easy. DYRNAN Secure™ can also be developed with systems integrators and communications service providers to deliver a unified communication and collaboration toolset that can be administered centrally.

With DYRNAN at the core of your unified communications service, you can stop the growth of unofficial and unverified platforms across your organisation. Reduce the risk from a shadow IT infrastructure that runs entirely counter to data security, retention and usage regulations and threatens your reputation. The potential impact of any data loss, whether malicious or accidental, is too great to be ignored.

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DYRNAN Secure™ is available on both IOS and Android for medium-sized teams, enterprises and government departments. It gives you access to the full spectrum of secure communication tools including voice, messaging and file transfer on one easy-to-use platform. With DYRNAN Secure™, you can collaborate and communicate privately with your teams, suppliers and customers anywhere in the world.

“DYRNAN Communications have tapped into the growing concern that our messaging and mobile communications can be intercepted because of substandard architecture and technology implementation. DYRNAN have built a secure solution which works that I can see enterprises adopting.”

Bob Schukai, Head of Technology Innovation, Thomson Reuters



IT Directors and Information Security Officers are rightly concerned about unaccredited, unauthorised and uncontrolled social media platforms being used as business productivity tools. The DYRNAN Secure™ platform is ideal for enterprises that need to manage the inherent risks of “Bring your own Anything” and the growing mobile culture.